Snail Buster v1.0.1

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    Snail Buster v1.0.1

    Requirements: Phone device running WM5 or above with .NET Compact Framework 2.0 or later
    Overview: Snail Buster - Monster-Snails are on the loose. In this game you will have to stop the impending snail invasion.

    In this game you will have to stop the impending snail invasion. They are everywhere! Using touch 'n shoot you will have to prove yourself on a variety of maps and show that you can stand your ground through the increasing difficulty. The two alternating game modes, “Countdown” and “Happy Hunting”, ain’t no walk in the park. Over 10 items and creatures will be challenge over and over again. Don’t hesitate – lock and load! A fun-to-play-game awaits you!


    • Nice graphics in comical cartoon-style
    • 10 different maps (rotating level after level)
    • Over 10 items and creatures
    • 2 different game modes
    • 5 Achievements for completed difficulty levels
    • 1 Easteregg
    • Funny music and much much more!

    How to Register: The registration code depends on the FIRST 15 DIGITS of your IMEI number and not your device's Owner Name. You can easily retrieve your IMEI by dialing *#06# on most phones.

    Always remember the three R's -- Read the included NFO, Rate this release, Remunerate the developer if you like this product.

    More Info:
    Download Instructions: Install and use our included keygen to get your registration code. For those who can't access their IMEI, use the "IMEI Finder" below (read the included "Instructions.txt" on how to use it). Have fun

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