Theme Galaxy dành cho SPB Mobilesell .3.5.x

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    Theme Galaxy dành cho SPB Mobilesell .3.5.x

    [SPB MS 3.5.x Theme] Galaxy by DOC3000
    Yêu cầu: WM6.x - QVGA, WQVGA

    Theme này chỉ dành cho màn hình đứng


    Special thanks:

    Thanks to M-MAX, NAONG and Vostradamus for his widgets used in my theme
    Thanks to vincent.316 for his HTC Pure 3 Theme which formed my bottom menu bar

    I made 3 version of theme. They differ in purpose contacts button of bottom menu bar:

    First: open favorites SPB contacts.
    Second: open the Phonex address book.
    The third: open the Inesoft Phone Address Book.

    You must have installed Phonex or Inesoft Phone for 2-3 versions


    - install on a clean Shell

    Problems are all related to a non ENGLISH rom version.

    1. Don`t work:

    - Just duplicate the SPB Mobile shell folder under the Localized program files folder to a "Program Files" folder on the root of device.
    For example my "Program Files" is "Programas" (Portuguese) so i made a folder named "Program Files" on the root and copied the "SPB Mobile shell folder" into there after a reboot everything works. Of course you'll get extra 11,25MB ocupied but until no other solution it works very well". Thanks to jpl69

    2. Installed Phonex or Inesoft Phone Version of the theme to a non ENGLISH rom version, contacts button don`t open Phonex or Inesoft Phone address book:

    - find with Registry Editor:
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Spb Software House 2\Spb Mobile Shell\Menu\Root\MenuBarKn_R]

    - edit "Program Files" to "Programas" (Portuguese) for exemple:

    "File"="\Program Files\Iconsoft\PhonEx\Contacts.exe"


    "File"="\Program Files\Inesoft Phone\Address Book.exe"

    Haw to change the background:
    1. LifeStile panel: copy from SPB Mobile Shell folder background.dat. Rename to background.bmp. Edit and save. Rename to background.dat. Finish SPB Mobile Shell. Copy background.dat to SPB Mobile Shell folder. Restart SPB Mobile Shell.

    2. Other panels: copy from SPB Mobile Shell folder qa_fundotela.dat. Rename to Unpack files with password b0fm18zq. Edit files from archive and save. Pack files to with password b0fm18zq . Rename to qa_fundotela.dat. Copy file to SPB Mobile Shell folder . Restart SPB Mobile Shell.


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